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Working at the car wash

Even hotties like me have to wash their own cars, but I always make sure to have plenty of fun doing it.  Why go to the trouble of getting all wet and soapy and not take advantage of it, right?  So I put on my favorite bikini and went to the car wash.  I hosed my car down and soaped it up.  Soon I was soaking myself and had suds everywhere.  I sprayed down the car as well as my body.  I was nearly naked and slippery, so I figured what the hell and put the secluded little car wash to good use, taking the time to get a little dirty.  See the rest at Fiona luv.

Lotion and Massage

My friend gives the best massages.  She loves rubbing lotion all over my naked body.  Today we started with my back and butt, then we moved to more sensitive areas.  Vibration helps massage a lot, so she got out my vibrator and put it to work.  She was well rewarded for her amazing hands, and I think I did a very good job myself.  Who doesn’t love a little girl on girl fun between friends anyway?  If you want to see just how naughty these two blondes made a simple massage, go over to Fiona luv and see the thrilling climax to our little get together.


I love my room.  A girl’s bedroom is the safest place she can be, and it holds all her little secrets.  My secret is that I still have all my favorite stuffed animals on my bed.  See Mr. Bunny resting on my tight little ass?  He looks right at home, I know.  I was feeling so playful, rolling around on my bed and teasing you guys.  I got a little carried away playing, but my stuffed animals had nothing to do with that.  Go over to Fiona luv and watch me get sexy for you.  I’m sure you’d love to see what kind of games I could find to play on my bed.  They aren’t sweet and innocent games for sure.  My toys may be childish, but the games I play now are very adult.

Summer Girls

Summer girls are your favorite kind right?  I hope so, because these pictures were so much fun to do.  I love being outside, especially when I don’t have to stay in my clothes.  Walking around barefoot in the grass, putting flowers in my hair, and playing naked make me feel very natural.  Don’t these make you think of the little fairies and wood nymphs in movies?  Hey, any kind of fantasy is great for me, even if it’s a little dorky.  My little tits are very natural among the trees and flower blossoms, and I feel like I belong there.  I let my wild side take over when I’m outside too, but to see that you’ll have to go to Fiona luv.  I promise they are worth looking at.

Big Machines

I got to play with some big machines in these photos.  I even got to wear, and take off a sexy army uniform!  It’s just a sneak peek, but I’m sure you’re getting an eyeful right now.  Want the whole thing?  Go to Fiona luv !


I was out on the town when I was inspired by the red brick and steel construction in this bathroom area.  No one was watching so I grabbed some awesome photos.  I have to make sure my photographer is with me more often.  Fiona luv has the whole photo set.